Senior Lounge Part II: Where are we now?

“It’s getting towards the end of the year, so people are just obeying the rules because they don’t want to get get kicked out,”  said Samara Schneider, “ just well enough so that it doesn’t get taken away again.”

 The Senior Lounge has been a problem for the Senior class as they have battled to keep their lounge open. Administration and students finally came to a consensus on how the lounge would be operated, after 3 meetings during call back.  But how is the lounge doing currently?

Students shared their thoughts.

“There’s still certain students who don’t care about following rules, and we remind them to change their behavior like we were told to do but it hasn’t been effective”, said Senior Krista Towimage00ne.

Jody decided there would be student leaders who can go to her with any issues that arise. “Students have the opportunity to come to me with concerns”, said Vice Principal Jody Emerson

“A group of students who expressed an interest in doing that on a weekly basis, need to take that first step, and they have not,” she said.

Jody has seen an attempt at improvement in the lounge. She recalled just one moment where a student had to be stopped by an onlooking teacher.

Senior Derek Cote agrees with Jody. “There has definitely been an improvement in the lounge. People aren’t making as big of messes and the noise level has calmed down a lot.”

Though it seems as though the lounge is going in a positive direction, Senior Brenna Connor recalled a negative moment. “I remember seeing a cinder block that was attached to a part of the ceiling by a small string that didn’t look like it could hold it.  It had ‘Runna’ written on it with marker. There was also a caution sign below it that someone put up as a joke”, said Connor.

“It’s immature behavior that will soon frustrate the administration again, if they find out”, added Connor.

Other seniors have witnessed similar behavior. Samara Schneider said “there was a chair thrown across the room the other day. I’m not sure why people think that’s ok but it is very frustrating for people who take care of the lounge, to see that type of disrespect.”image02

Krista Towne agreed, “I think the meetings were kind of pointless. All of the crazy behavior is still happening and nobody is being punished for it, so it is very annoying.”

In the past there were 3 sessions of circles and according to Jody they are completed. “As far as the meetings go, they are done. Unless there is somewhere else that happens.”

“I’m hoping there are no more concerns”, concluded Jody.

William Pollard, who is one student many people blamed for the closing of the senior lounge, denied his behavior. “I have only gotten in trouble for putting soup on the wall and Jody verbally warned me for it,” said Pollard. “Most of the infractions that got us removed from the senior lounge have no connection to me, contrary to popular belief.”

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