Snappy Jingle Evades Local Business

Northern Basement Systems, located at the base of Gallison Hill Rd. in Montpelier, has been working to raise its profile through advertising.    

The business’ latest effort: a radio jingle, to be broadcast on Froggy 104.7, Frank 105, Frizz 92.7, and other local stations.    

But after six weeks in development, the jingle is stalled in pre-production.  

The lyricists at Great Northern Jingle, GNJ, are stumped, according to Don Peterborough, the company’s Director of Commercial Melodies.   

“We’ve had the tune ready for weeks, and we think it’s catchy, right in line with the company’s style and approach to doing business.  Very bass-heavy, very hip-hop,” Peterborough said.

“But they’ve insisted we include all the information from their logo– all the words from their sign, trucks, and hats– in the jingle,” Peterborough said.

“And there’s just too much there.  Too much ‘waterproofing’, too much ‘repairs’, too much ‘basement’– we’ve really struggled to find a rhythm, or a snappy feeling that fits the melody.”

Great Northern Jingles is offering an unpaid summer internship for a high school student, and a proposed jingle is part of the application.  Send them your lyrics online.


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