Branden in Baggage

Branden King was part of Baggage, a play Stage 32 performed last summer in Scotland and again in the state drama festival recently.  

King was one of the background characters and only had two lines. His character’s name was Sean, a 15-year-old foster child.

“Since Sean didn’t have a background story I had to make one up for him,” King said.

The character of Sean didn’t have a backstory written into the script; King made up a backstory for the character.    

Sean, in King’s story,  was born in Hinesburg, VT.   Sean was a mistake because his parents got drunk, and he was put into the foster care system at the age of one.  

He had been in eight different foster homes and he spent about two years in each home.  At each home the foster parents got arrested for either a drug-related or a sex-related crime.  

At the time of the play he is at a farm, in a good situation with a nice family, hoping this one is forever.

“I think I did good with me being a background person and with the two lines I did,” King said

“My costume was a vest with a black long sleeve shirt and semi-beat up shoes,” said King.

King and the rest of the cast of baggage went to the regional theater festival and the group was chosen to advance to the state festival on April 9th.

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