“Best Coffee at U-32”

Shelby Lavigne has been working at the coffee cart for a couple weeks now.Usually people just stop by and say hi and maybe get coffee. They have had a small franchise out in the atrium for 3-4 years and they won’t stop there. All the proceeds that they make they donate to Unified Sports.

One cup of coffee is 50 cents. Ten customers stop by the coffee cart in a typical day.

Over the past few years, 4-5 disabled students have helped Kenneth Saxe with the cart. Before Shelby was Brooke M. and before that was Nick Z. Nick Z’s parents provide the coffee and stuff like the sign on the front of the coffee cart, the coffee, and the creamer. The plan is to do it at least once a week.

image01This is Shelby, she works on blue days fourth band at the coffee cart. She lures in people with her smile and the low price of the coffee. She tells you all about what you need to do for the coffee cart when you haven’t been there. At the coffee cart they can hold one push of the coffee and they get little bit above the half mark line. Two pushes is like a full cup.

image02This is Dilyan Burkholder,a customer of the coffee cart today. He loves the price and the service that Shelby brings.

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