Local Senior’s Secret Comes Out

Ethan McCollister, a senior at U-32, has big plans for when he leaves high school. A few months ago he was accepted into Harvard’s class of 2020, but there was a secret he wanted to let everyone know that he felt was holding him back.

“I think it’s finally time I told people the truth. It’s been weighing me down forever and I just can’t hold it in anymore,” he said to the Woolly Mammoth in an interview.

Ethan sporting his favorite blue helmet

“I was in t-ball until 7th grade.”

“until 7th grade”

For most, T-ball is the beginner level of baseball. Usually, when kids aren’t good enough to get into baseball or old enough for it they’re put into t-ball. It’s mostly for first graders, maybe second graders. The difference between the two has to do with the age, but also with the “T” some kids have to use in order to hit the ball properly.

“I was just never good enough to advance into baseball. My coach, Mr. Tubbs, just never thought it was time for me to play with people my own age.”

“I feel like I’ve let everyone down. It’s not normal for a 7th grader to be playing sports at the same level of a 7 year old. I still think about it every night.”

Ethan McCollister will be leaving U-32 in June, and his teammates will be graduating in June 2022.


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