Word of Mouth

One of U32’s traditions is to give students the opportunity to perform or share their own work at Word of Mouth. Word of Mouth is “a biannual showcase of original student work,” said Tillie Quattrone, coordinator of Word of Mouth. Twice a year students sign up to perform in front of the entire school, “It’s exhilarating,” said junior performer, Riley Flynn. “When I first walked up there, I was holding the microphone and looked down at the entire school, I just had this realization that the entire school is watching me at this exact moment.”_DSC7883

There are a variety of performances that students have showcased throughout the years. Some students play instruments, while others sing, dance, or tell stories about funny events that have happened throughout their life. Senior Griffin O’Neill said, “I think it’s a great opportunity. After watching it for 4 years now, I’ve seen some very talented people… Last year, my best bud, Johnny Laperle, was dancing his face off.. it was a good time.”

Quattrone reflects on her favorite moment saying, “I have always loved Nathan Chan’s performances. We’re really good friends and they’re just really engaging. It’s really great when the performances are engaging because sometimes you can’t always see them, or you aren’t looking, so it makes it much more enjoyable when they’re moving or making eye contact with the crowd.”

Word of Mouth happens at the end of the school year also; it’s a great opportunity for any students to get involved and showcase their talents in a special U-32 tradition._DSC7890

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