New Faces: Jeni Purohit

U-32’s new student, Jeni Purohit, has come with her family from India.  “I grew up in SURAT which is in Gujarat state. I was living there from 18 years. Surat is one of the big cities of India.” Her parents found work here in Vermont, permitting the big move.

As you could expect, it is a very big culture shock moving across the world. One of the biggest differences Jeni’s noticed is school. “My school is totally different from this school, it’s an outdoor school, teachers have to move class to class, not the students. The teachers are also more strict about homework.”

Here in the states, we celebrate a lot of different holidays such as Halloween etc. but in India, it is much different. “I am Hindu, and we celebrate our festivals in schools as well such as Diwali and Holi.”

Jeni is making new friends here at U-32 and fits in like she’s been here more than just a few months.

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