Special Effects Make-Up: Bruises

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to do special effects makeup? Or what kinds of special effects makeup there was out there? Well I’m here to teach you. I used my great friend Jojo Bishop as a model in this tutorial. So I hope you like it. This is just a basic bruise tutorial if you want to learn more you can ask me in person or I can do another tutorial. Anyway hope you enjoy.


1. You wanna start with a clean section of skin (If you wash it before you start make sure the area is completely dry or it won’t work right.)


2. Then you want to add some white ‘face’ paint to the area you want to Bruise. This is to pale the skin so the bruise will show up better.


3. It should roughly look like that after you have blended it all in. I added a bit of a paler skin color just to blend it a bit more. You can do this step if you want to but it is unneeded.


4. Then you want to take a Yellowish – Greenish color and dot it around the area you have paled to give it that day old look or just to make it look close to recent.


5. After you’re done dotting it around. Take a soft sponge and blend in with your now paled skin so that way it looks like you got it recently.


6. After you do that take a Black and a Purple color and dab it in the middle of the part you just made green. (Only a bit at a time though.)


7. Blend that in so it looks like the Yellow and the Purple go together. If you end up going over it’s fine we’ll fix it.


8. Dab the Yellow – Greenish paint around the bruise you just darkened. Put it right on the edge of the purple so you can blend it in with the skin and the bruise.


9. After that, that’s roughly what it will look like. this. Now I know it’s uneven on each side so all you have to do is repeat steps 6-8. Until you feel it looks real enough to you.


In the end this was my final product because we had run out of time. But if you have enough time put a slight Blue/Purple line(s) on certain or certain spots of your vains. Then smudge lightly with sponge or finger to give it that eccentric look.

And that’s how you make a bruise. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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