The Warm Climate and Green Grass Making Horses Fat

wmMost of you have been noticing the very warm weather recently, but have you been noticing the horses?
The horses all around Vermont have been getting a little too fat for the next horse riding season. A lot of them are having trouble just standing up, but this could just be because of all the green grass.

Resident horse expert, Shannon Kowel, says that the horses will continue growing in size the more we don’t have snow. “This could be a growing problem once Spring comes around, but it’s hard to tell the effect we’ll have this early in the Winter season,” she said in an interview. “As the square footage of grass is growing in numbers each day, we see more pounds added

A pretty fat horse

onto the horse’s weight.”

This epidemic reflects one we had earlier in the decade, when there wasn’t even snow until after the holiday season.

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