Senior Still Hasn’t Learned How to Use Computer

wmLocal senior, Stevie Watson, still hasn’t learned how to use a computer.

Steven Watson is 18 years old and learning computers just isn’t his forté. He says, “I just haven’t ever had the time to learn. I poke at the letters on the keyboard and nothing shows up half the time. And when I want to open up Safari Explorer I look at it and it just doesn’t open.”

image01His parents have been worried for his technological well-being for a few years now. Doreen Watson, Steven’s mother, has something to say about it. “I feel like he’s lagging behind many of his peers. Steven is always full of laughter, he’s always smiling and he’s always saying he wants to take the best classes, but he just doesn’t know how to use a computer. How is he going to survive out in the real world?”

He’s visiting a weekly support group and his parents are hopeful that he’ll be able to learn how to properly use a computer before his senior year ends.

“I’ve been working with Stevie for just over a month. We’ve been running him through several programs, such as Mavis Beacon, and currently he’s learning how to watch prank videos on YouTube.” Maria Rice, Steven’s computer coach says.

We hope to see Steven improve in the next few weeks.

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