Hiring New Teachers: How Does It Work?

There are many new staff members at U-32 this year, many of them being teachers. Hundreds of job applications are sent to U-32 each year, yet only a few are chosen to fill these positions. How does U-32 decide who to let teach the children and young adults of U-32?

Jody Emerson an administrator at U-32 explained how the process of hiring a new teacher works.  “An administrator is assigned to start a hiring committee, the administrator chairs it…  We have to get people from across the building, faculty and staff who are in the department, also others from across the building, a parent and a student on the committee, together we meet…”

After this committee is put together they have candidates come in for an interview, each person on the committee asks their own set of questions. “Some of the questions are recycled, and are content specific, but there is always a question about TA and about U-32 to see if they did their research and are familiar with us.” When the Candidates are narrowed down to three, they are each given a chance to teach a real class with an administrator observing how relatable and productive they are with the kids. The committee meets and sends the top pick to meet with Steven Dellinger-Pate, our principal, who sends the top pick to the superintendent for one final interview.  

Zach Gonzalez, a new social studies teacher here at U-32, had a bit of a different experience. Having already been an Intern here last year with Ben Heintz, he had some experience. Even though he knew and had relationships with most of the staff, the process was still nerve-wracking.   Having taught students for an entire month last year the staff had a pretty good idea of how Zach works and relates with the students. His application was sent in and he was interviewed by a few teachers from the social studies department as well as a student, parent, etc… “The most stressful part of the process was walking downstairs anticipating the interview.” Zach felt prepared for the interview and was anxious to start teaching.  

As the first semester is coming to a close, the new hires are now in the groove, ready to start the second semester even stronger than the first.   And this Spring, with the usual handful of retirements and teachers moving away, the hiring process will begin again.

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