Food Day: Our First Audio Story!

Last friday, October 23rd, was Food Day at U-32, organized by Meaghan Falby and Beth Allen, our Health and Wellness teachers, along with U-32’s student council. By all accounts the day was both educational and delicious.
Meaghan explained the purpose of the event in an email to the U-32 community:

Food Day is a day to resolve to make changes in our own diets and to take action to solve food-related problems in our communities at the local, state, and national level. In 2015, Food Day has the theme “Toward a Greener Diet.” This annual event involves some of the country’s most prominent food activists, united by a vision of food that is healthy, affordable, and produced with care for the environment, farm animals, and the people who grow, harvest, and serve it.

Special thanks to Senior Chase Ellis, who reported the story, and Carl Etnier, from Goddard, who has been generously working to produce audio pieces in collaboration with two U-32 classes: journalism and media production.

Enjoy these photos while you listen:
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