The Making of Sweeney Todd, Part 7

The time has finally come. Tomorrow night, Sweeney Todd premiers on the U-32 Stage. The cast and crew could not be more excited to present to everyone what we’ve worked so very hard to prepare these last few months.

For the final installment of The Making of Sweeney Todd, the Chronicle spoke to Marissa Mattogno. So far in the series, we’ve stuck to interviewing leads. Mattogno is in the Ensemble in the show, and despite what many think, playing a member of the ensemble is just as interesting and fun as any lead.

As Mattogno explains, “When you get a principle role… a lot of the character is already defined for you. Sure you can still make it your own, but it’s all written down somewhere. As Ensemble, you get to make it all up.” This freedom is Mattogno’s favorite part of her ensemble role.

If Mattogno could tell potential audience members one thing, it’d be how much work goes into a show. Not just from the actors, but from the behind-the-scenes crew as well. Triple your idea of the amount of work, and then you’ve got an accurate estimate.

Come see the results of over three months of hard work this weekend only! Shows are Friday and Saturday at 7, and Sunday at 2. Tickets are still available for all 3 shows. Contact Sue Verchereau at U-32 for more information and to reserve tickets!

Sneak Preview Here!

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