BREAKING: Student Takes All Water Bottles From Lost and Found


EAST MONTPELIER- On Thursday, November 5th, a half day, Garett Carr, took 10 water bottles that weren’t his from the lost and found.

The lost and found has been collecting items all year; it’s full of surprising goodies: boxers, slippers, notebooks and of course, water bottles.

“I first saw these water bottles when I was walking by the lost and found this morning. I thought to myself, ‘this will be a great addition to my stash back at home.’ So I just took them,” Carr said in an interview.

“When the water fountains go down, you’ll all be coming to me. Or maybe, when I’ve gotten enough, I’ll build a raft.”

Carr says he has been collecting lost and found water bottles his entire high school career.

“My first day of school I spotted some wonderful bottles at the lost and found. I was afraid to take them at first, but when the school put out all the lost and found items on a table in the atrium, I just took them. I took them without looking back. That was the start of a long and beautiful relationship with my 275+ water bottles.”

Carr likes to think of himself as a functioning hoarder.

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