Seven Signs You’re a True Vermonter

1. Everything you own is covered in maple syrup. Whether it be your books, your computer mouse, or your grandmother, it’s all covered.


2. All you see is plaid in your vision. The trees, the horses, the cows, the maple syrup, your local lumberjack, even your grandmother, covered in plaid.


3. Your entire family has a rockin’ beard. Everyone. Your brother, your sister, your father, even your grandmother. They all have beards.


4. Your local milking cow is also your elementary school teacher. Doesn’t that cow look familiar? Probably. You milked that cow last week to feed your grandmother.


5. You live in a log cabin. Taking after Honest Abe, true Vermonters are required to live in log cabins. Legend says your grandmother built this entire cabin with her bare hands.


6. Every time it’s breeding season your family migrates upstream to spawn. Everyone has done it at one point in their life. Your grandmother has done it, your father has even done it. It’s time to carry on your legacy.


7. Your dogs are trained to mow your lawn. Your grandmother did a good job training that pup to mow the lawn since it was born, Cesar Millan should take some notes.







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