Are Tampons in the Girl’s Bathrooms Getting Too Pricey?

Senior Kylie Daniels has recently gone up to the administration to bring up an important problem: the price of tampons in the bathroom.

Over the years, tampon prices have fluctuated dramatically.. Some students even have debated whether the huge price is really worth it for their poor quality. “I just wish it wasn’t cardboard. Those ones are the worst,” senior Kim Jones states. “If they’re going to be 25 cents, they might as well get the good ones. I mean, if everyone uses it at least once, that’s like, a lot of money, right? So why not just use that money to buy the better, higher end ones?”

The controversy has been in the school talk for decades. “They really need to lower the prices. It’s too much,” said a student who wishes to remain anonymous.

Some of the AP Stats students have calculated what the tampon price may be in a few weeks. “We predict that the price will most likely go up 5 cents every trimester” -three month period- “However, as the next school year starts, we may see a significant price drop in the tampons.”

The controversy has circulated through school talk and now the next thing to do is wait for the administration’s response.


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