New Faces: Rhenee Placey

Rhenee Placey sits at her desk, a flustered look on her face. Her fingers linger over the keyboard, eyes darting back and forth on the screen.  Even during the first weeks of school, unexpected teacher absences come up. Rhenee’s the one who handles them all.

Rhenee is the new substitute teacher coordinator here at U-32, which is a very stressful and necessary position.

Rhenee never thought she’d end up at U-32. She never worked in education, coming from more than 11 years of working in healthcare. When she resigned from her previous job, as nursing and staffing coordinator at Woodridge, she needed a job with a favorable schedule.

“When this job came up, I was interested in the hours, to be quite frank,” she said.

Back at Woodridge, Rhenee’s position was going through a lot of changes. When her office was switched to a different building, the environment was unhealthy. “I needed to put myself first,” she said.

So far, the new job is stressful because “it’s a huge transition.” Heather Pagel, our previous substitute coordinator, is Rhenee’s mentor. Heather is easing Rhenee into the new job, but she gets anxious: “I’m a planner, I like to get everything done as soon as I can.”

“It’s just so much to learn,” Rhenee said, “and everybody is busy.”